Alba Vertical Lift

The Alba Vertical Lift is a modular large capacity storage machine built with long term service in mind.  Steel wire trigger belts operating to 1mm accuracy can retrieve goods up to 1000kg in weight quickly and safely, with all the usual Alba features such as custom builds, advanced controls and PC integration.

It provides the highest possible storage volume and storage space in the lowest possible floor space by storing various materials on the vertical axis by taking advantage of the height and provides the most efficient and safest storage of your materials. The elevator that moves on the vertical axis brings the desired shelf in front of you quickly, efficiently and safely.

ALBA Vertical Lift is usually assembled within 1 day, commissioned on the second day. Thanks to its modular design, the height of the ALBA Vertical Lift can be easily changed.

The position of the shelves in ALBA Vertical Lift is variable and not fixed. The height of the material you load on the rack is measured with special height measurement sensors and places the rack in the space closest to the height of that rack. This way you can make the best use of the volume inside.

Trays / shelves made of galvanised sheet can also store any type of material. You can store your materials according to the weight capacity you need from 150 kg to 1000 kg in ALBA Vertical Lift shelves which are produced with superior production technology and high quality materials and workmanship. The trays are available in standard sizes, but can also be produced on request. Shelves / trays can be designed with optional separators, plastic toolboxes and boxes and special devices for the most organised and efficient storage of your products.

ALBA Vertical Lift conveyor lift brings you the desired shelf or product within seconds. When you’re done, it takes this shelf and places it in the best place inside. The ALBA Vertical Lift carrier lift operates with a sensitivity of 1mm and is equipped with safety sensors as standard. The conveyor lift can move at a speed of 1m / s – 2m / s according to the material sensitivity and weight you need and the load to be loaded.

Security door and security sensors ensure that users and the materials you store are safe. It also makes your warehouse look more tidy and aesthetic. The security door also serves as sound insulation. You can put the machine into operation mode with the safety door open. In this case, the safety sensors are activated and the machine automatically stops operating immediately if any object enters the work area.

  • External Installation
  • Multi-Layer Installation
  • In-tray divider
  • Pick To Light / Put To Light
  • Tray Forwarding / Tray Exit
  • Weight Measurement Sensor
  • Barcode reader
  • Barcode Label Printer
  • Advanced Security Tools