Alba Vertical Carousel

ALBA Vertical Carousel can store any kind of material you might think of … from plastic boxes to small parts, consumables, heavy loads in various shapes and sizes, it can all be stored easily. All Alba storage machines feature PC integration with barcode support, customisable dimensions, internal or external installations as well as advanced security, weight sensors and more.

Designed according to your needs (Width: 1.850 mm – 4.000 mm Depth: 420mm-650mm) and modular division, designed as multi-storey ALBA Vertical Carousel shelves can store your materials in an extremely efficient and ergonomic way. ALBA Vertical Carousel shelves are especially ideal for standard sized plastic toolboxes or standard sized boxes with similar dimensions. The shelves can be configured into single, double or triple sub divisions including lockable drawers and more.

The total load to be transported is driven by the motors connected to the machine from both the left and right sides, synchronous rotation of the rotating gears is ensured and problems that may occur in the long term are eliminated. Special drive system ALBA Vertical Carousels provide more robust and faster operation than their counterparts on the market.

With the chain and double scissor conveyor, the load is distributed and the strength problems are prevented.

ALBA Vertical Carousel is controlled with the most advanced technology PLC as standard. You can access the desired rack with a single command. The carousel can be rotated in two directions with its closest shelf. Optionally, with the optional 15 ”All-in-one Touch Panel PC hardware and Alba e-Max Warehouse Management Software, you can manage your inventory in the most efficient and accurate way.

  • External Installation
  • Multi-Layer Installation
  • In-tray divider
  • Tray Forwarding / Tray Exit
  • Weight Measurement Sensor
  • Barcode reader
  • Barcode Label Printer
  • Advanced Security Tools