Alba Open Carousel

Alba open carousel can be used when you need to see the products your are storing as with point of sale applications. It is ideal for dispensing roll based materials such as carpet or even turf, it is easy to use and dramatically improves safety when dealing with heavy loads.

Increases Available Storage:

The motorised carpet carousel makes use of vertical ceiling height to store and retrieve rolls in order to minimise your storage footprint. This fully automated storage system for carpet storage provides high density storage in an exceedingly little footprint which is able to allow the saved space to be use for an alternative revenue generating system.

Increase Health and Safety:

The open carousel eliminates bulky and hazardous handling process for storing and retrieving rolled material. Carpet carousels, tire carousels, turf carousels or wire carousels, Alba machines make certain that operators works at ergonomically at ease heights and brings to minimum the problem of unnecessary bending, walking, lifting and pushing which aids operators to stay away from onsite work accidents. This storage carousel rotates the selected roll to a height operators can actually make use of them. Our customised loading bar system made it even safer for use.

  • External Installation
  • Multi-Layer Installation
  • In-tray divider
  • Pick To Light / Put To Light
  • Tray Forwarding / Tray Exit
  • Weight Measurement Sensor
  • Barcode reader
  • Barcode Label Printer
  • Advanced Security Tools